Dr. Qian Wang’s group now offers multiple positions in the field of medical imaging and informatics. The openings include 1 research-track assistant or associate professor and 2-3 postdoctoral research associates.

The candidates are expected to have solid background in biomedical engineering, artificial intelligence, data science or other related fields. Job descriptions of the positions are as follows.

Research-Track Assistant/Associate Professor

  • Collaborate with PI to formulate and implement research plan;
  • Conduct high-quality research work independently and publish high-impact academic papers;
  • Apply for various external research funds;
  • Participate in lab administration, as well as mentoring of graduate students.

Postdoctoral Research Associate

  • Conduct high-quality research work and publish high-impact academic papers;
  • Apply for selected research funds;
  • Participate in mentoring of graduate students.

The recruited candidates will work with a group of scholars and students of high diversity and great creativity. Top-tier salaries and benefits will be compensated.

To apply for the positions, please enclose a CV and contact The openings will be open until being filled.